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Watch this video and more on The Ready Room

Under Surveillance: "Surveillance 101"

Under Surveillance • 6m 49s

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    From casing your home or workplace to conducting meticulous surveillance to uncover your daily routines, every step of a stalker's strategy is dissected to equip you with the tools to stay safe.
    Join us as we uncover the secrets of the stalker's playbook and learn how to stay one step ahead.

  • Under Surveillance: "Are you being fo...

    In this episode, we introduce a simple yet effective acronym, TEDD, to help you determine if you're under surveillance. TEDD stands for Time, Environment, Distance, and Demeanor, and by analyzing these factors, you can identify potential stalkers or surveillance teams.

    Through real-life examples...

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    Learn the art of Surveillance Detection Routes in this gripping tutorial. Discover professional techniques to determine if you're under surveillance and how to handle it. From cover stops to scanning techniques, master the steps to identify and escape potential threats.

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