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  • 100 Deadly Skills: Combat Edition - "Confrontation" Pat McNamara

    Clint sits down with Pat McNamara, a retired Delta Force Operator, and Founder of TMAC Inc. Pat's extensive military background brings a practical edge to the discussion on self-defense. From tactical deception to lethal options, the conversation covers real-life scenarios with a touch of enterta...

  • Under Surveillance: Becoming Gray

    Most of us want to express ourselves or stand out in a crowd, but that could bring you some unwanted attention. Learn how to avoid becoming a target for crime or violence. Learn how to blend in. Learn how to become gray.

  • The Rugged Life: Van Life

    Clint goes over the benefits and must-do's if you want to give van life a shot.

  • 100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition - Improvised Floatation

    Learn how to repurpose clothing, including pants and shoes, into improvised flotation devices, ensuring you conserve energy and stay afloat until rescue. Master the step-by-step process of creating DIY flotation with knots, air filling, and practical tips for maximum effectiveness.

  • 100DS Interview - Pat McNamara