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Here is a peak behind the curtain. Learn life-saving lessons from retired Navy SEAL, Clint Emerson along with expert insights from some of the most skilled professionals on the planet.
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  • Concealed Carry Episode 1: The Rise of Gun Ownership

    The pandemic flipped many from gun-neutral to gun advocates, driven by a need for self-reliance amid societal turbulence. Reflecting on the thin line between order and chaos, Jeff Gonzales highlights the wake-up call that prompted people to take control of their safety, lifting their heads from t...

  • 100 Deadly Skills Combat Edition Trailer

    100 Deadly Skills: Combat Edition delivers clandestine hacks designed to allow viewers to escape and evade threats at home and abroad. This series provides a blueprint to surviving chaos, misadventures, and fatal disasters. Join Clint Emerson as he travels the country to learn the most effective ...

  • Under Surveillance Trailer

    In an age where every click, swipe, and step can be monitored, "Under Surveillance" is your essential guide to navigating the treacherous landscape of modern existence. This six-part video series delves deep into the art of living safely in a world brimming with unseen dangers, where the threat o...

  • Bug out Bike Trailer

    When things go south, you gotta hit the road fast. You've thought about bug out bags, but ever thought about a bug out bike?
    Teaming up with my buddy, former Navy SEAL and NY Times Bestselling Author, Mike Ritland, we’re diving into a 5-part series to get you ready for anything.
    We’ll chat about ...

  • 100 Deadly Skills: Combat Edition - "Confrontation" Pat McNamara

    Clint sits down with Pat McNamara, a retired Delta Force Operator, and Founder of TMAC Inc. Pat's extensive military background brings a practical edge to the discussion on self-defense. From tactical deception to lethal options, the conversation covers real-life scenarios with a touch of enterta...

  • Under Surveillance: Becoming Gray

    Most of us want to express ourselves or stand out in a crowd, but that could bring you some unwanted attention. Learn how to avoid becoming a target for crime or violence. Learn how to blend in. Learn how to become gray.

  • Bug Out Bike "Bug Out Bikes with Mike Ritland"

    Day to day, you might feel like you've got everything under control. But what happens when you're suddenly stripped of all your modern conveniences and access to supplies? In our debut episode, Mike Ritland and I delve into the various threats that could affect our nation and how they might impac...

  • The Rugged Life: Van Life

    Clint goes over the benefits and must-do's if you want to give van life a shot.

  • 100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition - Improvised Floatation

    Learn how to repurpose clothing, including pants and shoes, into improvised flotation devices, ensuring you conserve energy and stay afloat until rescue. Master the step-by-step process of creating DIY flotation with knots, air filling, and practical tips for maximum effectiveness.

  • 100DS Interview - Pat McNamara