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Under Surveillance

Under Surveillance

In an age where every click, swipe, and step can be monitored, "Under Surveillance" is your essential guide to navigating the treacherous landscape of modern existence. This six-part video series delves deep into the art of living safely in a world brimming with unseen dangers, where the threat of surveillance looms large at every turn.

Under Surveillance
  • Under Surveillance: Becoming Gray

    Most of us want to express ourselves or stand out in a crowd, but that could bring you some unwanted attention. Learn how to avoid becoming a target for crime or violence. Learn how to blend in. Learn how to become gray.

  • Under Surveillance: "Get off the X"

    Clint delves into the importance of studying your own daily routine and identifying potential vulnerabilities caused by it. Using Clint's unique military and clandestine perspective, this episode emphasizes the necessity of breaking up routines to stay unpredictable and vigilant.

  • Under Surveillance: "Surveillance 101"

    In this eye-opening episode of Under Surveillance, we take a deep dive into the intricate world of surveillance, shedding light on the myriad ways individuals can be tracked, observed, and monitored. From physical surveillance by human agents to the intricate realm of technical surveillance, ever...

  • Under Surveillance: "Predators Point of view"

    From casing your home or workplace to conducting meticulous surveillance to uncover your daily routines, every step of a stalker's strategy is dissected to equip you with the tools to stay safe.
    Join us as we uncover the secrets of the stalker's playbook and learn how to stay one step ahead.

  • Under Surveillance: "Are you being followed?"

    In this episode, we introduce a simple yet effective acronym, TEDD, to help you determine if you're under surveillance. TEDD stands for Time, Environment, Distance, and Demeanor, and by analyzing these factors, you can identify potential stalkers or surveillance teams.

    Through real-life examples...

  • Under Surveillance: "Scan, Sift, Confirm, Escape"

    Learn the art of Surveillance Detection Routes in this gripping tutorial. Discover professional techniques to determine if you're under surveillance and how to handle it. From cover stops to scanning techniques, master the steps to identify and escape potential threats.