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Watch this video and more on The Ready Room

100DS: Survival: Ep4 Prepare a Vehicle Go Bag

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  • 100DS: Survival: Ep3 Train to Survive

    If you don't have the physical conditioning necessary to get yourself out of trouble, the skills in this series won't do you much good.
    Whether you're exiting a burning building or knocking a dangerous assailant unconscious, the ordeal will consist of surmounting the initial crisis and then runni...

  • 100DS: Survival: Ep2 Build a Personal...

    100 Deadly Skills - Skill 002: BUILD A PERSONAL EDC KIT
    From improvised tools to practical gear, learn how a bulletproof insert can transform your bag into a shield, how a flashlight and steel-barreled pen serve multiple purposes, and why a bandana with coins or super glue can be lifesavers. Equi...

  • 100DS: Survival: Ep1 Become Crisis Proof

    Survivability isn't just a matter of carrying the right tools or following the most punishing physical training regimen available. Beyond muscle, brawn, and a crisis-oriented readiness kit, the most important element of survival training begins with the adoption of a pre-emptive, proactive mindset.

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