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Concealed Carry with Jeff Gonzales

Concealed Carry with Jeff Gonzales

Introducing Jeff Gonzalez, a former Navy SEAL and a shooting extraordinaire. Join Jeff and Clint Emerson for 5 episodes packed with invaluable expertise on concealed carry essentials. From safety protocols to legal considerations, and from insider tips to advanced techniques, dive deep into the world of concealed carry alongside these seasoned professionals.
Get ready to gear up, lock in, and get started.

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Concealed Carry with Jeff Gonzales
  • Concealed Carry Episode 4: Navy SEAL Draw techniques

    From mastering the art of concealment to perfecting the draw stroke, we'll walk you through everything you need to know to carry like a pro. Learn the ins and outs of different carry positions, including on the waistband, in the waistband, appendix carry, and ankle holsters.

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  • Concealed Carry Episode 3: Holster Hunting

    In this episode, Former Navy SEAL, Jeff Gonzales has your back with all things holsters. From how to keep your firearm snug and safe to the pros and cons of leather versus kydex, he's spilling the beans on what you need to know. Forget about those flimsy plastic clips—Jeff's all about the sturdy ...

  • Concealed Carry Episode 2: Finding Your Firearm

    Whether you're a seasoned shooter or just starting out, Former Navy SEAL, Jeff Gonzales has the lowdown on what to look for when choosing your perfect carry piece. From reliable brands like Sig, Glock, and Smith & Wesson to the debate between revolvers and semi-autos, Jeff covers it all. Plus, he...

  • Concealed Carry Episode 1: The Rise of Gun Ownership

    The pandemic flipped many from gun-neutral to gun advocates, driven by a need for self-reliance amid societal turbulence. Reflecting on the thin line between order and chaos, Jeff Gonzales highlights the wake-up call that prompted people to take control of their safety, lifting their heads from t...