Bug Out Bike with Mike Ritland

Bug Out Bike with Mike Ritland

When things go south, you gotta hit the road fast. You've thought about bug out bags, but ever thought about a bug out bike?
Teaming up with my buddy, former Navy SEAL and NY Times Bestselling Author, Mike Ritland, we’re diving into a 5-part series to get you ready for anything.
We’ll chat about must-have gear, what to wear, tools, and grub, covering worst-case scenarios and how to handle them in real life.

Bug Out Bike with Mike Ritland
  • Bug Out Bike "Plan your Ride. Ride your plan"

    When discussing bug out, whether it's a vehicle, a bag, or even a motorcycle, you have to talk about planning and executing the plan. The biggest piece of that is routes. In the world of surveillance, we call it AK, which is Area Knowledge. You have to know the bigger area in which you live in an...

  • Bug Out Bike "Packing Essentials"

    Simply purchasing your gear isn't sufficient. It's useless if it's not packed correctly or maintained. In this episode, we'll dissect Mike's loadout and use it as a standard for managing your survival gear and supplies.

  • Bug Out Bike "Protective Layers"

    Ensuring you're properly equipped is just as vital as outfitting your bike. In this episode, Mike Ritland and I cover everything from head to toe to ensure you're well-prepared.

  • Bug Out Bike "Two Wheels to Freedom"

    Let's gear up your bike and explore what to consider when purchasing items for it. Our focus will be on maximizing value while prioritizing the absolute essentials when assembling your own Bug Out Bike.

  • Bug Out Bike "Bug Out Bikes with Mike Ritland"

    Day to day, you might feel like you've got everything under control. But what happens when you're suddenly stripped of all your modern conveniences and access to supplies? In our debut episode, Mike Ritland and I delve into the various threats that could affect our nation and how they might impac...