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Watch this video and more on The Ready Room

100DS: Survival: Ep3 Train to Survive

100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition • 4m 49s

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    100 Deadly Skills - Skill 002: BUILD A PERSONAL EDC KIT
    From improvised tools to practical gear, learn how a bulletproof insert can transform your bag into a shield, how a flashlight and steel-barreled pen serve multiple purposes, and why a bandana with coins or super glue can be lifesavers. Equi...

  • 100DS: Survival: Ep1 Become Crisis Proof

    Survivability isn't just a matter of carrying the right tools or following the most punishing physical training regimen available. Beyond muscle, brawn, and a crisis-oriented readiness kit, the most important element of survival training begins with the adoption of a pre-emptive, proactive mindset.

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    When it comes to your home and your security perimeter, think of it in layers. The outer layer starts with talking to your neighbors.