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100DS: Survival [BONUS] Fortify Your Home Security

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100DS: Survival: Ep1 Become Crisis Proof

100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition • 12m

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  • 100DS: Survival [BONUS] Fortify Your ...

    When it comes to your home and your security perimeter, think of it in layers. The outer layer starts with talking to your neighbors.

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    Uncover the multifunctional power of a flashlight in this must-watch video. From illuminating spaces to unique techniques like the umbrella method, point search, and defensive uses, learn why a flashlight is the ultimate everyday tool. Enhance your knowledge and be prepared for any situation.

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    Learn how to repurpose clothing, including pants and shoes, into improvised flotation devices, ensuring you conserve energy and stay afloat until rescue. Master the step-by-step process of creating DIY flotation with knots, air filling, and practical tips for maximum effectiveness.